How To Write An Outstanding CV Profile

How To Write An Outstanding CV Profile

How To Write An Outstanding CV Profile

A CV profile also known as an executive summary or personal statement sits at the top of your CV. It is the first thing that will be read by potential hiring managers  and recruiters. It’s the introduction of you as a professional. It provides a brief snapshot of your abilities and suitability for a position, and your career goals.

Most of the potential employers and recruiters deal with hundreds of CVs on a regular basis. So, they’ll simply toss your CV unless they spot a concise yet well-written sample cv profile which introduces your qualifications, skills and experience.

Personal profile is the right way for you to grab the attention of potential employers and persuade them to continue reading your CV. Your CV profile will make recruiters able to match you with the proper job and make sure that the role is fulfilling.

Your personal profile should only be four or five lines long to summarise your CV. If your personal profile is just too broad, you risk giving the impression that you simply haven’t done your research properly.

We have developed top tips to help you craft the perfect intro to your CV in no time.

Best tips for writing a perfect personal profile

1.     Keep it relevant to the specific role

As it is a brief introduction of your professional skills and experience and appropriateness for the role, only the most relevant attributes related to your job role from your CV should be mentioned in your personal profile.

Try to reflect the job specification in your CV profile.

2.     Keep it concise

While marketing yourself remember to be brief, Offer just enough to hook the recruiter, always try to get straight to the point. Only include relevant  information that will add value to your CV profile.

3.     Give an overview of your professional skills and experience

This is your chance to impress the employer by highlighting your most impressive skills, strengths and qualities. Always attempt to include real-world examples with the talents that you simply mention. Only include relevant skills that will help you in the job. Add your university grades, the amount of years’ experience and any impressive results related to past projects. That’s to try to back up your CV profile format with some facts and figures.

4.     Highlight your career aspirations

Just explain what you would like to try for

the short-term, what career paths appeal to     you.

5.     Don’t forget to proofread your personal profile for spelling and grammar mistakes

To assist you create your own powerful CV profile, Following are some creative personal profile examples for you to take one look at them.

It’ll probably give you some ideas for your own personal profile.

Customer service CV profile

A diligent and enthusiastic client service specialist with 15+ years’ experience in customer-facing support roles, within the retail, telecommunications and motor industry.

With a friendly and approachable persona, I am able to elicit client needs in order to advise on appropriate purchases and solutions. My passion for technology is contagious; as I share the benefits of innovative products with customers and instruct them on usage, a sale is almost inevitable.


Graduate profile ( no experience )

A diligent and highly intelligent bi-lingual student currently enrolled on an LLB English and German Law Degree, already attaining high grades and embracing extra-curricular university activities and societies in support of course subject areas and personal interests.

Eager to absorb as much knowledge and insight as possible in the pursuit of my goals, I am seeking a reputable commercial law firm that offers open days, where I may shadow experienced Legal Experts to learn about the day-to-day operations and protocols within a professional practice.


IT manager CV profile

An experienced IT manager with 13 years of experience of managing the IT infrastructure within an educational establishment including server, desktop and Network Support.

Has significant expertise in managing Windows Servers (MCSE-certified), Exchange, Dell yRanger, Hyper-V and VMware as well as experience with managing technical projects through the full project life-cycle/ possesses a proven track-record of successfully implementing strategic solutions to meet changing business needs – Has the ability to build relationships and communicate well with stakeholders.


Graphic designer CV profile

A creative and passionate professional with over 18 years’ experience and varied expertise in graphic design, artwork, multimedia and marketing.

Skilled in the production of high quality design concepts and strategies with the ability to utilise Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and SketchUp Pro for the successful creation of new ideas and concepts, the development of interactive designs and redefinition of design briefs. possesses a comprehensive understanding of design and capacity to identify fresh approaches,  Committed to strengthening relationships and leading negotiations with clients and vendors to secure ongoing partnerships.


There is no ‘one perfect format’ for all CV profiles. Get your personal profile wrong, and your CV will be constantly skipped over but get it right, and you will get plenty of responses and interviews. So, a unique and impactful CV personal profile is very important if you want to get the best jobs in the market.

For more expert advice on CV profile writing, please get in touch with one of our specialist consultants today. We are here to ensure that you stand out.


  • How do I write an outstanding CV?

Tailor your CV for each individual job that you are applying for. Keep it concise, use active verbs when possible and avoid generic, overused phrases and to get more detailed best tips please see our article on how to write an outstanding CV profile.

  • How do you write an impressive profile?

An impressive CV profile focuses on the job role you’re applying to and it is always short and snappy. Your CV profile should emphasize upon who you are, what you can offer to the company and what are your career ambitions. Just follow our simple tips, and you’ll have crafted an unique and impactful CV personal profile in no time.

  • How do you write a good profile for a resume?

You should use your resume profile to explain to the hiring managers how your skills and experiences can benefit their company. Use the job description to help form your profile. Provide evidence of skills and experiences but remember to keep it brief. In addition to this your profile should also include your professional career goals to be accomplished in the short personal profile. Please see our article on how to write a perfect CV profile to get more detailed best tips.

  • How do you write a killer profile on a CV?

Before building your CV profile, carefully review the job description and tailor your personal profile to the preferred skills, qualifications and experience hiring managers have listed. Keep it brief. Use our best tips to write a perfect CV profile to help you craft a CV profile that will encourage recruiters to read the rest of your CV.

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