Resume Writing Services

Why Us

We, Maxecv are the most trusted company in the industry that provides job solution to all. Our service is not only confined to individual job seekers, but also expanded to the companies, providing jobs.

We will not only manage the job profile of the company and manage the resumes that are collected in the job portfolio. We will also manage the job portfolios that you have and that you need. This means, we will not only collect the portfolio and manage them. Our service is extended to different portfolio creation too.

Our service is for the individual too. You need an updated resume to be placed before the companies for your job. New models of resume are coming up and sanctioned by the HRM of the different companies. Unless your resume is updated in that format, you will not find relevant success. We, Maxecv are ready to assist you in that aspect too.

Why Select Our Service

  • We are having four flexible plans, scheduled with different features and services. So, you have the option to select the right plan for yourself, depending on your need. All the four plans that we provide are customized in a way that will cover all the business firms with different demand.
  • Our plan has the flexibility regarding features and price too. Hence it is easy for any business owner to work with us.
  • Our profile maintenance is done through all professional areas, including that of your Linked In profile. So, check out the latest support for yourself right from us.
  • Our service is right on time, and along with that, you will get a proper upgrade from time to time. So, you can remain assured of the quality of your resume and professional profiles.

Our Dedicated Service

Hence, if you are looking for someone, who can manage your portfolio in an ideal style, we are the only one. We know what the HR Departments look for and what is the trend of their demand. Depending on that, we are ready to support you with proper resume creation. We are the most trusted company in the industry of resume creation, not because of the quality of resume, we create, but also for the added service we provide. We do provide an excellent service to manage your resume and place that in all the portfolios. This is the area; we are special, and this is also a prime reason, why we are preferred every time.

Our Core Team

We, Maxecv are the company that is there to support all the job seekers from 2006 onward. The company has been established by reputed HR managers and Alumni of IIM and is having some of the software support, which no other companies in India are using. With advanced technology and super-initiated management intelligence, the company is now a name that people believe in. We believe in building your career, and our complete service is dedicated for that alone. So, be with us and build up your career by professional means. You will find us every time, besides you.