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A company receives hundreds of CVs for a single vacancy. Hence, every candidate runs to compete with over 99 candidates. Thus, when the competition is this high, your CV is the first step to make a good impression. However, your resume must stand out in order to tempt the HR to take a look. Following are the benefits of a professionally written CV.

  • When you hire professional help to write a resume you can expect it to be 100% grammatically correct and finest in the contest of readability.
  • A professionally written CV ensures that your currier objective only includes goals that correspond to the vacancy you have applied for.
  • While writing a resume all by yourself, you may miss upon valuable additions such as, volunteership, internships, workshops, etc. a professional resume writing agency ensures that all your working experience is highlighted and well- described.
  • Today, CVs are generally attached with portfolio and cover letters. Job seekers find it very frustrating to edit their resume as per each vacancy separately. It takes a lot of time and energy. It's better to take professional’s help and focus on the interviews instead.
  • Professional CV creators do an impressive job when it comes to vocabulary. Additionally they also create elite portfolios and cover letters.

Do you know? You can get an enticing CV with the help of the professionals or you can also create your own CV and get your dream job! Let’s take a look on CV writing process:-

  1. Never write CV(Curriculum Vitae) or Resume at the top because the recruiter as well as you, know what it is.
  2. Career Objective or Purpose:- As the name suggests, you can write your goal, purpose or aim on the CV according to the Company you are applying for . Keep it short and crisp,  it will catch the eye of the reader.
  3. Experience and Education:- Share your Experience or experiences as well as education in this category. Please keep in mind to share the latest experience first and others later sequentially. Similarly, you should share your graduation or post graduation first and other later.
  4. Key Skills and Interests:- Share your skills as well as your hobbies in this section. Also, if you have any additional skills, this section would be the perfect place to add the details.
  5. References:-You can share references in this section if you have any.

MaxeCV is well known for its exceptional and professional guidance to job seekers. Not only MaxeCV provides guidance to job seekers, but  also plans on expanding our services to new horizons with reputation management and social media integration. Now, the question arises, if MaxeCV’s services are confined to any specific region or any specific industry? Well, the good news is, MaxeCV is one of the most credible companies to provide job solutions to recruiters as well as job seekers in every sector. Job professionals can reach us online using url

  • MaxeCV is one of the prominent companies that has a team of proficient and licensed resume and CV writing experts. It is guaranteed that you will get your resume or CV designed by professionals within 24 to 48 hours of placing the order.
  • You will be thrilled to know that, not only we offer our services to the job seeker professionals but also to the companies and recruiters.
  • MaxeCV offers to keep your social media profile updated as it has become a vital platform for jobs.
  • Your company’s reputation play major role in its growth and development, MaxeCV needs a chance to serve you and you will not be disappointed.

MaxeCV has been serving thousands of Job seekers professionals and Organisations all over the world since 2006. MaxeCV provides top notch services with innovation and technical  advancement. The Company’s foundation was laid by well-known HR and a group of former graduates of IIM.

MaxeCV believes in career building and will not leave any opportunity to assist you. Our professionals and experienced experts are here  to help you. You will get the writer's assistance every time you need as we are always besides you, all you need to do is to contact us.

MaxeCV  has an impressive management team who are available to assist you every time you contact us. MaxeCV is just one chat away to serve you, all you  need to do is to visit and you will get an option to initiate the chat with one of the writers and get world-class assistance. You will be delighted to know that we have a team of best writers and you will get the option to chat with your personal writer and place the order. Apart from chat, MaxeCV is easily accessible over social media, email as well as calling. You will be able to check all the options to contact your personal writer  on the website

MaxeCV is not an unknown brand when it comes to Resume writing. We promise to deliver the best and exceptional resume services anywhere in the world on your given deadline. Nowadays, a resume plays a very crucial role while seeking a job interview as it puts a good impression and chances of getting a job becomes higher.

To get your preferred job, you need to grab the recruiter’s attention which can be easy if you have the appropriate resume. The good news for the professionals is that MaxeCV offers the resume writing services which are delivered to you within your targeted time. MaxeCV has a team of the most experienced and licensed team of professional writers who can accomplish given orders with expertise and perfection.

MaxeCV always targets its clientele’s needs and demands and believes in utmost perfection. Professional resume writing benefits you by saving your time and enhancing your self confidence.

Moreover, MaxeCV has different plans for you that can give your career a kickstart. You can visit and choose the most suitable plan from Standard to Platinum.

MaxeCV has resume writing packages available for all the job seekers depending on their work experience. For instance, Standard is for the applicants holding experience from 0-2 years, executive from 0-5 years , premium for 0-8 years of experience,  and platinum from 0-10+ years of experience.

MaxeCV is not an unknown brand when it comes to Resume writing. We promise to deliver the best and exceptional resume services anywhere in the world on your given deadline. Nowadays, a resume plays a very crucial role while seeking a job interview as it puts a good impression and chances of getting a job becomes higher.

To get your preferred job, you need to grab the recruiter’s attention which can be easy if you have the appropriate resume. The good news for the professionals is that MaxeCV offers the resume writing services which are delivered to you within your targeted time. MaxeCV has a team of the most experienced and licensed team of professional writers who can accomplish given orders with expertise and perfection.

MaxeCV always targets its clientele’s needs and demands and believes in utmost perfection. Professional resume writing benefits you by saving your time and enhancing your self confidence.

Moreover, MaxeCV has different plans for you that can give your career a kickstart. You can visit and choose the most suitable plan from Standard to Platinum.

MaxeCV has resume writing packages available for all the job seekers depending on their work experience. For instance, Standard is for the applicants holding experience from 0-2 years, executive from 0-5 years , premium for 0-8 years of experience, and platinum from 0-10+ years of experience.

To understand the term “resume writing”, you need to first understand the meaning of resume and its importance. Let us begin our discussion with the terminology.

A resume is a consolidated document which consists of all the information related to your latest as well as prior achievements in the field of professionalism, education as well as sports. Resume is often required when you apply for a job to present your work experience , academic qualifications and other accomplishments.

We all must have heard the saying “first impression is the last impression”. Whenever you apply for a job in any sector, the most necessary document at first is your resume as it consists of the summary of your whole career and thus, to have an attractive resume should be your priority.

Resume writing is an art of creating the best and appropriate resume that sums up all your qualifications as well as meet the requirements of the employer. Nowadays, you have an option to create your desired resume online or in your phone as there are several applications available or you can also take the help of licensed and experienced resume writers and get a perfect professional resume.

Resume, Curriculum Vitae and Cover letter, all these documents have a different format and creating style. An attractive resume is a key to engage the HR or recruiter. It also helps to boost your self confidence, which will definitely lead you to get the job of your dreamsYou just need to keep in mind certain factors while creating a resume. Let’s take a quick look on the required factors:-

. First you need to select the format in which you want your resume to be written. Professional resume writers can help you in that as they have the knowledge and skill to choose the best for you. . Resume is like a short summary or brief introduction of your academic achievements as well as work experience and thus, it creates the ‘first impression’ on the recruiter. Your resume should be brief as lengthy resume can irritate the recruiter as they have hundreds of resumes to read in a single day, lengthy resume can make the recruiter sleepy as it is monotonous to read and he/she can skip your resume. Thus, the mantra is to keep it “Short and crisp” and do not forget to highlight the main or important points in your resume so that it will not be neglected and can impress the HR or hiring manager.

There are certain formats and rules that you need to follow to write a perfect resume. Here are some rules shared below that you should take under consideration while writing a resume :-

  • The first rule to write a resume is to select an appropriate format.Professional resume writers always advise to select the less complicated format as the complicated format can puzzle the recruiter and he/she can reject or neglect it. Thus, try and make it less complex and simple as it will look attractive.
  • As we are talking about the complexity, another precaution that you need to take is to mention everything in a sequential way, for example, first you need to write the  Objective/Aim which should be concise, then your work experience, one thing that you should keep in mind while writing your work experience is that the latest company you have worked with or w=are working with should be sheared first and other should be shared later in a sequential way according to the year. Similarly, now is the time to share the Education or academic qualification, you need to share your highest degree first and then sequentially share the others.
  • In the last, you can share any additional skills and then the conclusion. Your resume is ready to help you get your desired job.

Generally, A resume ends with the interests, hobbies or any additional skills that a candidate possesses apart from work or professional career.However, if you do not like the idea of ending your resume with interests or hobbies, you have several other formats  available. Let us discuss the best formats which will make your resume attractive and crisp.

  • If  you are a fresher, it would be better to end your resume with additional skills or any  extracurricular or any other technical course or language that you have done.  Try not to make it complex or long as the resume for the fresher should not be long. Try to end it in a single page.
  • If you have plenty of work experience, it is advised to highlight the main or vital details in your resume in order to not waste the hiring manager time. An experienced candidate’s resume will look exceptional if it ends with a declaration, it will boost your resume. You can search and choose the best declaration lines available and add it to your resume. Also, you can share the references at the end if you have any, sharing references is optional as per your choice.

Resume writing is a professional art with a set of rules and formats which should be taken under consideration while writing one. We all know the basic format  and the information that should be included in a resume. But do we know, what should not be included while writing a resume? There are some dont’s that you need to keep in mind while writing a resume.

  • Never save your resume file online as “Resume” because if you send or email it to any recruiter, he/she needs to open it to even check your full name. However, if  you save it with your name, the recruiter will recognize your name at first glance. For example, if your name is Megan Wick, save your resume as MeganWickResume.docx or MeganWickResume.pdf.
  • It is not considered professional to share your personal information on the resume, like your caste, religion, race, color etc. Apart from your Full name and contact information(email address, phone number, mailing address), it is prohibited to share other personal details on your resume. Also,never mention date on  your resume,because the recruiter knows the date and time and it won’t look attractive.

The golden and most evergreen mantra of resume writing is “to keep it short and to the point”. The professionals resume writers add trending features and choose latest formats to make it look exceptional.

Nowadays, instead of using Objective/Aim/Purpose, the most trending is to use Summary Statement instead. It will look different and will instantly draw the attention of the hiring manager.

Always remember to highlight the important points in your resume, lengthy and writing long sentences will make your resume look monotonous and there is a possibility that the recruiter might reject it. Let’snot take that chance and take the necessary precaution.

As we all know, in today’s generation, social media is the most effective and trending platform to explore your options as well as to suggest some to the others. Why not take advantage? You can visit any employment based online site like Linkedin,, Glassdoor and indeed etc. You will be able to see the resume of multiple employees based on today’s trend and format and can choose the one that suits you and design yours accordingly. Also, Professional Resume writers can suggest you the best depending upon your choices and preferences.

Hiring managers or recruiters always prefer a skillful candidate basis of their resume which should be shaped exceptionally. In that case, a good resume or an impressive resume must consist of a good and brief summary that can cover all aspects of your career.

Summary in a resume should be mentioned before sharing any other detail. After sharing your basic information( Name, Contact, Email and address), Write a good summary of about 2-3 lines that can cover almost all the aspects of your career starting from high school to your work experience(if any) or graduation.

Do you know the reason or the purpose of writing a summary at the beginning of the resume? NO! Let me put some light on the topic for you. If you put a summary in the beginning of the resume, that means you are highlighting the vital achievements of your whole career in 3 lines. And if you put your information in the summary according to the company needs you are applying for, it will build some interest, the hiring manager will definitely take a look at the whole resume and there are higher chances for you to get hired!

When it comes to signing the resume, we do not follow any strict rule. It is optional, you may or may not sign your resume, according to your own choice, there is no such strict law or any such format that says to sign the resume.

However the professional Resume writers advise to sign the resume as it comes under the business etiquettes. Moreover, signing the resume is itself a proof that the details you have mentioned in your resume about your career (percentages in your exam or grades in your college, your hobbies as well as interests and all the additional skills you have mentioned) are all true to your best knowledge. Signing your resume acts as validation of all the information being true.

Also, this practice of signing the resume is not always followed in every country, it varies from country to country. For example, in India as well as in the USA, there is no such practice of pre-signing your resume. So, it is advised to first look and explore other people like your friends or colleagues resume and then sign yours, if necessary.Taking advice from the Professionals would be the other best option as they have the experience and will give you the right advice.

Signing the resume is an optional thing to do. You may or may not sign your resume, it is not mandatory. However, some Organisations and Companies do ask for the signature of the Candidate on the resume as it can be a part of their hiring process.

There are two ways of  signing the resume depending upon the requirement of the company:-
Manually signing the resume:- This is a very basic method of signing the resume. If the company you have applied for, requires you to sign your resume directly, you can definitely do that! However, do not  forget to mention the date below the signature.

Electronic signing the resume:-  Take your signature on a clean white sheet, click a picture, transfer it to your phone or laptop and then save and name the file. Then open then open your resume’s word file and insert the signature at the bottom of the resume.

Scanning the signature:- This is another option to add signature to your resume. Take your signature to any nearby supply store, get it scanned and change it to a digital file. You can now attach this digital file on your resume  and apply for your desired job.

Creating a unique and attractive CV or resume is a skillful task. It requires full attention and often needs professional or experts help for best results.

For an experienced candidate,  in my opinion, his/her achievements and brief description of education and overall experience will  look good on a CV.  Moreover, you can also add your hobbies and extracurriculars at the end of the resume.

However, declaration at the end of your resume will boost your resume, make sure to add it in the end while designing.

As we have discussed above about what to add in the resume if you are an experienced candidate. How about if you are a fresher?

Let’s take a look at the below given points about what to add in your resume, if you are a fresher to make it attractive:-

  1. Internship- adding an internship as a fresher will impress the recruiter and the chances of getting your desired job is high.
  2. Typing speed:- Adding your typing speed will benefit you while providing a typing test which is a must in most organisations.
Other important points to add in your resume are your language skills(can lead to golden opportunities), extra curriculars, achievements, recognition, other sport skills or hobbies.

There are several points that we have to keep in mind while designing a resume, like deciding the format, writing the correct aim/purpose or the objective according to the company you are applying to etc. We get confused as we have lots of options and formats and end up making lots of mistakes. What to do now? What are the options we have?

Well, the good news is that you can seek the experts’ help anytime you want. There are several resume writing experts available who will help you in improving your resume. One of the best resume writing services is MaxeCV. MaxeCV has a team of most experienced and skilled experts who are available for you anytime and provide first-class service. MaxeCV offers the support of personal writers to every individual. All you have to do is to place an order online on and explain your requirements to your personal CV writer and you will get your CV within 24 to 48 hours with zero mistakes. MaxeCV only hires the writers with higher experience who can take care of his/her client’s demands and help them to get their dream job. This makes MaxeCV one of the best professional resume writing services.

We all ask questions like “ Are resume writing services worth it?, Does the money we pay gets justified?, Does the resume made by the expert worth the money we paid?” before getting professional help for CV or resume writing. However, all our doubts get cleared once we get the resume fulfilling all your requirements and needs. So, the answer to all your above asked questions is Yes! The resume writing services are worth it, only if you get the services from a recognised and experienced organisation.

MaxeCv has been serving its clients with the best since 2006.MaxeCV is one of the best professional CV writing platforms. Not only MaxeCV helps in CV designing but also heelps companies to design or post their job vacancies online. Thus, MaxeCV is recognised by multiple MNCs

MaxeCv also keeps its commitments, you will get your personal writer with whom you can discuss your resume anytime you want and get the desirous results.

Seeking a professional help or getting the resume writing services are worth it if you are getting the help from any renowned or recognised place with experienced professionals. Otherwise, there is no point to spend money and not getting the wishful results.

Everyone gives a thought while spending money over hiring a professional for resume writing. When you are paying for any service, you want it to be perfect. MaxeCV being a professional platform for resume designing offers different packages depending on the experience you have.

For example, for the candidates with 0-2 year of experience, MaxeCV offers a Standard package for $15. For 0-5 years experienced candidates, there is an Executive package for $30. Similarly, Premium package for $60(0-8 years of experience) and Platinum package for $90(0-10+ years of experience).

The above discussed are the packages offered by MaxeCV. Under different packages, the services are different, let us explain them one by one.

Standard($15):- CV writing, Cover letter, One job portal Optimization, 0-2 year experience.
Executive:-($30):- CV writing, Cover letter, Linkedin Profile, 2 job portal Optimization, 0-5 year experience.
Premium($60):- CV writing, Cover letter, Linkedin Profile, 2 job portal Optimization/International optimization, 1 social profile optimization,0-8 year experience.
Platinum($90):- CV writing, Cover letter, Linkedin Profile, 3 job portal Optimization/International optimization, 2 social profile optimization,0-10+ year experience.

You can choose either of the above given packages depending on your experience or the services you need.

Do you know? Professional resume writing is considered as a career for many people and organisations. If you, yourself are a resume writer and want to start a career, you can definitely do that with no doubt. The scope in this field is vast and you can earn a good amount of money depending upon your experience.

Now the question is “How much should I charge to write a resume? What are the charges to write a resume? How much can I earn as a content writer? How can I increase the charges if I have experience?”

Whenever you start a new career, all the above mentioned definitely come to your mind.However, you need not to worry. Working smart and hard is the key. You can definitely earn a good amount of money if you work hard. How much to charge? It all depends on the experience you have. If you are a fresher, then look and observe how much the client is offering and compare it with how much other companies are receiving and decide accordingly. And as you start gaining experience in the field, you can increase the charges with time. Once you become a professional, no one can stop you!

To understand the meaning of job portal optimization, let us first discuss both the terms(job portal and optimization) separately.

Job portal is a very huge platform that helps the hiring manager or HR connect the job aspirants. In this way, the recruits can choose the deserving or you can say, most eligible candidate and job seeker can get their desired job with good salary.
We have discussed the job portal above. Let us now discuss what is Optimization?

Optimization generally means to improvise, or to make the best use of the available resources.
Now, Job portal optimization means to make the best use of the online available Job portal. Let us discuss how it works:-
Job portal optimization is a service that helps you to narrow down your search to get the desired job. Job portal optimization can be done by both, recruiter as well as applicant. For example,  lets us consider there is a company A looking for candidate B, A uploaded the requirements on an online job portal, “A” has used the main keywords like technical, technical support,C++,excellent communication skills, now “B” has the same skills that “A” is looking for. This is known as Job portal optimization, to connect the two parties(recruiter and candidate) on the requirement basis.

A job profile is made by the Organisation who wants to hire candidates. Writing a Job Profile is a task that requires descriptive interpretation of the skills that an Organisation needs in a candidate and some other important factors to make it look attractive and inviting. Lets us discuss them step by step:-

  1. Write a clear and specific job title to invite the candidates. This will save yours as well as the applicants’ time.
  2. Make the job description brief and word to word. A brief description will cover all the points and candidates will get easily attracted to a short description instead of the whole essay-like description as it is monotonous to read.
  3. Now comes the role and responsibilities section. Explain it clearly and cover all the points as the aspirants read it carefully.
  4. In this section, you need to mention what qualifications you are looking for in a candidate or what skills are required to handle the job so that the aspirants will get an idea if they are eligible or not.
  5. Here, you need to share the salary range. Salary should be mentioned in a range so that the negotiation can take place under this range depending upon the candidates’ experience and interview.

During this 2020-present Covid-19 pandemic, the only option to connect for companies who seek to hire new candidates as well as candidates who are looking for new employment opportunities is through Job Portal.

Companies or Organisations, nowadays, using different job portals to share the job vacancies in search of the required Candidate. Also, The count of the Candidates are creating their profile on job portals have increased as it is the only remaining option.

Though there are multiple job portals overall world which share the job Vacancies for almost every sector (domestic as well as international vacancies too), there are some major job portals where you can check the famous Organisations sharing the vacancies and get a chance to work with a brand. Job portals like Linkedin,, Indeed, Career Builder,, Glassdoor and monster etc have the collaboration with different sectors’ big organisations and are 100% genuine job portals. You also have an option to choose the desired skill you want to work upon as well as the desired city or country you want to work in. Moreover, Indeed is the largest job portal in the world. It’s only mission is to help people find jobs since 2004, the day it was founded. Every second, 10 new job vacancies get added on this platform making it a world’ best site with 250 million users every month.

There are thousands of job search engines which can help you and guide you. However, the best ones are LinkedIn,,,, Ladders, etc. You can create your own profile and can get the latest job updates. Let me share the steps with you about how you can create your profile on these search engines:-

  1. Download and install any of the above mentioned applications on your phone or laptop. Once installed, open it and follow the instructions.
  2. Mention your personal information like your Name,Date of Birth, Education, Identity number and years or experience you have etc.
  3. After that, you need to select the type of industry or Organisation you are looking to work for.
  4. Then, you need to mention your key skills or the area of your expertise.
  5. In the end, you need to upload your resume on the website. Make sure to create an attractive resume for which you can seek any professional’s help.
Within hours of doing this, you will start getting calls or notifications for the job vacancies. You can definitely get your desired job with a good salary offer by creating your profile on either of the job search engines.

Nowadays, LinkedIn has become a brand in terms of online Job search Engine and is very famous among the recruits and recruiters. Thus, it is important to have a linkedIn profile. If you go for an interview, the first question HR asks is If you have a LinkedIn profile or not?.Some Organisation rejects the candidate on their HR rounds who does not have the LinkedIn profile.

Linked Job Portal optimization means to make your LinkedIn profile attractive to invite the clients or hiring managers to get a good job. An optimized LinkedIn profile also needs to be updated every now and then so that it will rank higher when the recruits or Hiring managers will search for the required candidate. This may result in more job opportunities and who knows? You will end up in a good place.

Let me share some tips to make your LinkedIn profile optimized and attractive:-

  1. Upload a good quality and professional looking picture of yours to attract the HR. Make sure you look very elegant and professional in the picture with at least 200X200 dimensions.
  2. With a great profile picture, you need to mention your job profile. For example, If your name is Tom Erkins and you are Head of Advertising and marketing , Upload your profile picture and mention your Job profile as Marketing and Advertising head at XYZ Company.
  3. Mention your college or Institution name followed by your current City and country.

As discussed earlier,  Job Optimization is to improvise and make the best use of the available resources. You can optimize your job or narrow down your search. This helps in getting the best and deserving candidate and will be cost effective too. How to do that? Let me share some steps with you:-

  1. Update your job posting on our website everyday. Doing this will keep your job posting updated and whenever any candidate searches for the job, your posting will be on the top.
  2. Keep your job vacancy title short and crisp. This will catch the candidate’s eye immediately. For example, if you are looking for a project manager for XYZ company ,the job title should be XYZ New Project manager posting.
  3. It is advised to use unique keywords and URLs too. It will make your job Posting look different and stronger. Use of dashes instead of underscores is a must.
  4. Your profile will look much attractive if you mention keywords. Make sure to make keywords bold. Bold keywords will show all the requirements a company is looking for briefly. This will give candidates an idea about the requirement so that they can apply and get their dream job.

As it is necessary for the Company or Organisation to optimize their job postings to get the deserving or desired candidate. Similarly, it is crucial for a candidate or job aspirants to optimize or improvise their CV or resume. Optimizing the CV will help the candidate search the best job. Also, CV optimization will save money as well as time.
Let me share some steps with you to optimize the job profile:- 1. Always update your CV. It is very important to update your CV till the date because when a hiring manager looks at your CV, he/she gets confused with the gaps and your CV does not look promising and can get rejected. Make sure to update your CV with no year gaps at all. 2. Choose the best and simple format for your CV. It is advised to change the format of your CV every now and then as nowadays there are various CV formats and this trend keeps on changing. It is an important step to follow to make sure your CV looks up-to-date and modern. 3. Optimizing your CV is sometimes a strange term for the 90s generation, though today’s generation knows it well. Thus, there are lots of professionals available who can help you in optimizing your job profile.

As discussed earlier, there are various job portals where candidates can apply to get a decent job with a decent salary package. Let us take a look at some of the best and popular job portals available:-

Naukri:- It is one of the oldest and popular job portals in India. was founded in 1997. Thousands of job seekers apply for the job on this portal everyday and get several options. is a free of cost portal, however, they also offer some premium or paid services too which includes resume writing.

Monster India:-  Another oldest job portal is Monster. This job portal has several customized features apart from job postings. You can find various tips about “how to crack the interviews”.it also has a filter option so that the job seeker can narrow down his/her search and get the best option.

LInkedIn:- This is the most popular website among professional job search engines. It is not considered only as a  portal to search for a job. It has now become a platform where job seekers and recruiters can upload the resume and can contact directly each other via texts , posts etc.  You can also post your resume so that every recruiter can see and approach you.

During the 80s and 90s, the only medium to search for the job vacancy was the newspaper. Companies used to advertise the job vacancies and hundreds of candidates used to check. The main disadvantage of this practice was there was no direct communication. Sometimes, even after hiring a candidate, people used to approach for the same vacancy for days. However, we are lucky to be born in the modern world where it is very easy and convenient to search for a job. Not only we can find the jobs online, but also, we can give interviews online over skype, especially in this covid-19 situation.

Recruitment portal is an online job searching portal where you can search for various jobs. It is also termed as “Online recruitment”. Recruitment Portals are the portals or tools which help to assist the recruitment processes online., LinkedIn,, etc are the online recruitment portals where you can search for your desired skill job. Recruitment portals play an essential part in our lives nowadays. Thanks to these recruitment portals, we have a chance to get hired just by sitting at our houses. Not only job seekers search for jobs here, but also, many big Organisations and MNCs search for deserving candidates on these websites.

Social profile is the descriptive profile of the social characteristics and activities of  an individual that helps to identify them on social media accounts like facebook, linkedIn and other social media platforms.

It is very important nowadays to maintain your social media account these days because:-

  1. Wherever you go for an interview , the HR recruiter proceeds with asking if you have a social media account or not as it shows how much you are familiar with social profiling terms.
  2. If you do not have any social media account, it may be possible that you get rejected even before the interview starts.
  3. Also, maintaining the social media profile is equally important as you get judged on the basis of your social media profile by the hiring manager. Thus, it is advised to maintain it well.
  4. Social media has now become a DNA of a person. It shows how much you are connected with. It basically describes the type and strength of an individual basis on its social media relationships.
  5. Social profiling also describes your previous work history and connections. Through social media a=platform like LinkedIN, a hiring manager can check the level of participation and contribution you had in your previous projects, your initiatives and ideas.

Maintaining your linked In profile has now become a trend among the professionals. It is a very big and vast platform where millions of professionals are connected to each other. On LinkedIn, many MNCs or organisations share their job requirements in search of the deserving candidates and Job aspirants maintain their LinkedIn profile in a hope of getting the best job for them. Job aspirants share their experience and education background and resumes over linkedIn so that the HRs or Hiring manager can check and select them. LinkedIn also has a text messaging feature which allows the HR or hiring manager to contact the candidate. Nowadays, millions of people are getting their satisfactory jobs over LinkedIn. Thus, it is very important to maintain the linkedIn profile. How? Let me share some tips

  1. Upload your best and professional photo as your picture is the face of your profile when a hiring manager searches for you over LinkedIn.
  2. Make an attractive headline which should be eye-catching. You can mention any CEO’s famous quotes as it shows that you are passionate and your motive in life.
  3. Always keep your linkedIn profile updated and mention every single detail of your professional career in brief . Always remember If a recruiter gets confused seeing your profile, he/she will never hire you.

You will be surprised to know that more than 2.6 billion people are active users on facebook.  Mark Zukerbuerg’s facebook is the biggest social media platform nowadays where people connect with each other and share their precious memories and moments with each other, comments, like and tag each other etc.

Whenever we meet any new person or join any organisation, the first thing we do is to connect that person over facebook and check their profile Thus, it has now become a trend to maintain your facebook account.

Optimization of your facebook account means maintaining your facebook account so that it looks attractive and describes you at its best.

  1. First thing to make your facebook profile attractive is to make a good quality and nice picture as your profile picture.
  2. After setting up your profile picture, now is the time to make the best picture of yours as a cover photo. Also, it is not necessary to make your solo picture as the cover image, you can include your friends or family picture in your cover photo.
  3. URL customization:- It means to give your profile a unique username with URL. For example, if your username is XYZ , then people can easily search you as
Never forget to mention all the required information like your full name, birth date, status and education and background etc. as it makes an impression if you are an active user or not.

Instagram is another popular and major social media platform to showcase yourself.  Its features are somewhat similar to that of facebook and plays a big role in maintaining your social media accounts. Here are some tips to optimize your Instagram profile:-

  1. Make a Business account on instagram:- Did you know? Instagram has two types of profiles: Normal and Business accounts. It is advised to create a business account as it has extra perks like Instagram shopping, Instagram ads and insights.
  2. Keep your Instagram username or Instagram handle simple and crisp. Choose a unique and simple Username that is easily recognizable.
  3. Choosing a complex username does not look attractive and shows your poor choice of words.
  4. In addition to the username or Insta handle, keep the business name Simple too. Yes! Instagram also asks you to choose a business name for business accounts. Choosing a simple business name makes it easy for the people to search it and is easily recognizable.
  5. Just like every social media account needs an attractive and classy Profile picture, the same is the case with the instagram. Always choose an elegant posed and class picture to create a good impression.
  6. Always keep your instagram bio available to read for the customers, it will be helpful and promote your career.

Twitter is another popular social media platform with more than 330 million active users every month. Twitter is very popular among celebrities too.  Twitter has a massive and engaged audience and more than 350,000 tweets are posted per minute.

Twitter is an open platform to share your emotions and  has now become a brand among celebrities and other cream audience. It is no doubt an excellent platform to share our political views, advertise your business or opinions.
Below are some tips to optimize your Twitter profile:-

  1. Choose your Twitter hashtags with care:- It is recommended to choose your twitter hashtags with care as they all are clickable and can lead to other accounts. Thus, choosing a wrong hashtag can lead to distractions.
  2. Taking this into consideration that twitter is used by millions of people worldwide, you should choose your twitter display picture wisely. Also,if you have a business account, always use a logo of your business that should be visible.
  3. Also, on Twitter, you have an option to add a header image. Your header image should showcase your brand name. Consider it like a picture for a magazine cover and choose the best one!

Social media is a great platform to showcase your talent and skills. If you have talent, it is guaranteed that you can go viral on social media undoubtedly.

However, you need to take care of only one thing, that is you need to maintain your social media account. You can maintain your social media account by following certain tips:-

  1. First mantra to maintain your account is to be regular. Always come online and share some stories and post some pictures. You also have an option to share your location. For example, if you visit any famous place that you wish to share with your friends and relatives, you can share it on your social media accounts like facebook and instagram so that others can see it.
  2. In order to get good responses from others over social media, like and share other people’s videos and pictures. Make friends, try and interact with other people and share your views.
  3. Post your goals and inspiration in life over social media accounts. This represents your passion and how skilled you are. DOing this, more and more people would want to connect with you.
  4. Also, share your videos of acting, singing or any other activity you are good at. For instance, If you like cooking, share some of your videos cooking unique dishes. This will help you boost your career.

Maintaining a social media account on a regular basis has become a fashion nowadays. Being famous over social media adds flying colors to your profile.

It also helps you to get a good job and opens up many great opportunities

  • Social media optimization is very important and plays a very major role in building a successful career path.
  • Social media is an open platform for marketers. It helps them to optimize their online presence and improve their business.
  • Nowadays, teenagers are earning a good amount of money over social media, just by being famous and having a huge number of followers.
  • It helps you to showcase your brand and increase its awareness and saves you a large amount of money that got spent on advertisement.
  • Also, social media is the best platform where you can have honest opinions and innovative ideas about your brands. You can approach and connect with talented people and ask about their experience and follow their footsteps too.
  • Social media also removes the problem of communication among the brand and customer. Now, Customers have a fair platform to raise their voice against any brand by posting and tagging them. Thus, social media provides very effective and faster communication and to optimize it is equally important.

Social media is like an open book of your achievements, education, like, dislikes etc. in brief on social media accounts like facebook or instagram. Thus, to have an impressive social media account plays an important role to create a good social media image. As you all must have heard “First impression is the last impression.” which is true. When people go to our social media, all they need is an impressive matter to read and see. Always remember, over social media, what you see is what you sell.  Let us take a look at certain important points to take under consideration while creating a social media account:-

  1. Always choose a unique and easy to remember display name as it makes a lasting impression on the viewers.
  2. Another important point to note is that your username should be included in your username. Doing this will help users to search for you very easily. It is often advised to use your own name as the user name as the username is unchangeable so choose it wisely.
  3. If you have a personal account, use your own profile picture. However if it is a business account, go with your company or business.

As the name suggests, Online reputation management also known as ORM is the process of building a reputation or positive image online or over social media platforms like facebook, instagram, snapchat,twitter etc.,

Nowadays, Creating a positive Online reputation is very crucial for the celebrities, influencers, political leaders and other professionals as it helps to build theirs as well as brand name.

Moreover, people also judge you on the basis of your online profile as it showcases your whole image in front of your friends and relatives.

Online reputation is very powerful as it can give you lots of fame overnight or can destroy one’s reputation within hours.

Especially in this Covid-19, social media remained the only medium for the world to connect with each other and now it is becoming a trend!
If You have a good online reputation, it helps you to get fame and earn money over social media.
Furthermore, if your brand has a good online reputation over social media accounts, it helps you to build customer’s trust and earn five-star ratings. And we all know that people always see reviews before trusting any brand. Thus, online reputation management plays a key role in creating trust and credibility.

Building a positive Online reputation is a very important task to do for a business as well as personal account users. However, your work does not end here, you need to maintain it as well. This management of your online reputation is the work done by the ORMs or Online reputation companies.

Whenever you advertise or showcase your brand online. Many people comment or share their feedback online. One bad review can ruin you and your brand’s reputation online. It is not important to respond to each and every positive comment or review but it is important how you handle the negative comment or a bad review. And a person who has to make his/her brand does not have that much time to view his/her social media account regularly and respond to each and every comment. Thus for that they hire ORMs or Online reputation management companies who are able to handle all your social media accounts. They respond to each and every good and bad review and help you to build good customer support. MaxeCV is one of the most popular Online reputation management companies. Also, It helps you to check your online reputation by enabling google alerts.

We understand that creating and managing the Online reputation is equally important. Therefore, we have lots of popular companies who offer the services to manage your brand online and create a positive image of your brand. Which is why we need to maintain our Online reputation to create a positive customer approach towards your product or brand.

Another good reason to maintain your Online reputation is that now people are very dependent on buying everything online from a toothpaste to a needle. In this era of the Internet and social media, it is very important to be updated. Nowadays,people are getting identified by their profile on social media. It helps others to judge other people's history as well as their reputation and achievements.

Also, wherever you go for  an interview, HR recruiters also check your Linkedin profile before proceeding. Moreover, if you have a good online reputation and good reviews, you are more likely to get selected in an interview and other paths for success also get open for you.

MaxeCV is a renowned company for providing Online reputation management as it focuses on your profile optimization  and builds your strong online reputation with twitter,facebook and LinkedIn etc.

We all know that reputation is the base element for success in life which can come with hardwork and maintaining an Online reputation nowadays. Reputation not only needs your hard work but the feedback or customer's response is equally important. If your customer is satisfied with your brand, the only he/she will recommend your product to his/her  friends or family.  Nowadays, people recommend or give feedback online . Thus, it is equally important to check your online reputation online from time to time. Below are some points to help you check your online reputation:-

  1. Keep an eye on review sites as many review sites are open platforms to provide reviews online for common people as well. Make sure that there is no bad review against your brand.
  2. Another practice you should try is to subscribe for google alerts. Whenever a new content is published online and matches the keyword you choose. Google will notify you immediately and you can take action if there is any negative comment or any bad review.
  3. You can also take the help of ORMs (Online reputation management companies) like MaxeCv as they have many professionals who will be able to manage your profile online and maintain your online reputation.

Retired and wants to work? You can start your online reputation business! Do you want to start your own online reputation business?

Well, the answer is Yes! You can definitely start your online reputation business with no age limit and no big capital investment. But,you need to take care of certain factors before starting online reputation business, let me share them one by one:-
Research and development is the main factor whenever you start any new business. All the MNCs worldwide have a reputation and positive customer review to maintain especially online. Research for such companies' reputation and see what companies and organizations control their online reputation and learn from them.
Also, Give time to your research as everyday, you will get to know something new about the business and make a game plan accordingly.
As an online reputation management company, your job will be to handle all the negative comments,bad reviews, publication or article so that they are not noticed by the client. Which means you need to study web analytics thoroughly and about how to control and handle such people and situations without panicking. You also need to make sure that you stand out of the way in this competitive world. For this, you need to serve something unique and outstanding.

As much as , it is important to maintain your social reputation. Similarly, it is important to maintain your social media reputation these days. WIth the good social media reputation comes more fame and followers. Social media reputation management involves posting strategic and attractive social media content, monitoring social media channels from time to time, engaging with customers and advertising your brand etc.

Nowadays, Social media has become an open  platform for the local or big business to advertise their brands and products. Thus, it is very crucial for them to maintain a good social media reputation. Customers nowadays share their honest opinion or provide reviews and feedback openly on social media. Onc bad review can ruin the reputation of the company. So, companies hire professionals to take care of their reviews and response to them. Professionals are also capable of handling bad reviews by contacting the customers.

In these unfortunate times of Covid-19, it is important to create a positive social media reputation. It will definitely help in the growth of your business or brand.Always remember to focus on the reviews and feedback as it will help you maintain a good reputation and will result in more and more followers.

You may definitely start an Online reputation business anytime you wish. Now, the good thing about this business is that it requires no big investment.

All you need to do is research about how the other online reputation businesses work, how their professionals respond to the customers?, what are their strategies to keep lots of customers in a line? Etc.

Also, You need to maintain a continuous presence on your social media accounts in order to achieve a great number of customer’s list. For that, he/she needs to increase their followers and share the videos or photos related to their product. Talk to your friends to advertise your product with more and more people. This will create a network of people connected and promote your product online. Thereafter, You need to maintain this long list of customers by your excellent customer service skills. Not only do you need to do RND on how to develop an online business, but also, you need to do a thorough research over your brand or product. This is an important task because it will help you to answer and clear all the doubts that customers would have related to your product.Also, it will help you to find out your doubts and make strategies related to your business.

Online reputation management(ORM) is the base of maintaining and creating an online business.  Thus, an Organisation needs to maintain online reputation. Let us discuss some points about what is required by a brand to maintain ORM:-

  1. It is very important to maintain ORM(online reputation management) in order to create a positive public image.
  2. ORM or Online reputation management is also necessary to be maintained as it helps for your brand and business to grow and people will recommend you to others which may lead to a successful online career.
  3. Online reputation management also helps you to overcome any bad comments or publicity. If you have a successful online business, it is possible that people will try to damage your reputation. In order to maintain your reputation, it is required to maintain ORM as it will help you to remove all the bad comments and bad images so that our brand can grow with a good and positive image.
  4. ORM plays a key role to help your brand to gain your customer’s trust and increase your visibility on the internet. Both of the tactics play a major role in promoting and expanding your brand. Always remember to provide extraordinary and great customer service as it will help you to maintain a good image over the web.

Do you know what people see on your rnad first? What is the basis of your online brand image? The answer is Positive and negative reviews of the other customers. Thus, it is very important to maintain a  positive and good public image. Your influence among people should be intense as this will help you build trust among people .

Now, how do you create a positive and good online image? The answer to the question is Online reputation management services. Online management services ensure that the first thing customers see is only the positive and good reviews and news about your brand. In layman's word Online management reputation helps to build a best possible online image for your brand.

You can build a positive online image by hiring professional or online reputation companies. These reputation companies have years of experience and will hav   It is vee lots of game plans and strategies to maintain your as well as your brand’s positive public image. It is very important to manage your Online reputation as it is the base of your company’s growth. Only a good and positive image company that provides good customer service can grow online and help you make lots of money. Not only companies with no image or bad image should hire Online reputation companies, but also, companies with already developed positive image must hire an online reputation management professional for the smooth functioning of their brand.

From managing and maintaining Online reputation to Public relations and excellent customer service, we all know that it is very necessary to take care of each and every aspect in order to have a good online reputation. Let us check out the few rules to manage your brand’s Online reputation:-

  1. Nowadays, the voice of the customer or common man is very powerful and is heard by everyone because of social media. Thus, it is important to have a good online image so that common people will love and recommend your product as it is very influential.
  2. Also, It is very important to respond to all the comments and social media posts especially the negative ones. Also, always show empathy while responding to any negative comment or post and try to compensate for that. Always remember, any negative comment or social media post can ruin your reputation to a greater extent. Thus, provide an easy and effective solution to the customer’s problems.
  3. Do you know? People always get attracted to any brand because of their good customer service skills and customer handling strategies. Therefore, it is very necessary to hire a team of experienced and skilled professionals who provide exceptional customer service and help promote your brand.

The popularity of maintaining a good online image of your brand is growing. Thus, more and more companies are devoting their time and energy maintaining their brand’s name by hiring more and more professionals.

These professionals do help to build a positive image of your brand online as well as maintain it. These professionals keep a keen eye towards all the positive and negative comments of the customers.

These professionals are very experienced, they not only maintain your brand’s image but also respond to all the negative comments and handle every negative social media post very well by providing exceptional customer service skills.

Maintaining a positive brand is important because:-

  1. It helps to grow your brand online as social media has now become a great platform.
  2. It also helps to boost your sales and improves visibility.
  3. Customers also build trust and credibility.
  4. It also helps in generating good business insights.
  5. Online reviews are the god for good sales.
  6. It also helps to improve the product with customer feedback.
  7. It also improves customer experience by engaging with online reviews.
  8. Online reputation management (ORM) has become an essential aspect for businesses to monitor and identify brands’ digital reputation.
  9. It allows businesses to monitor their online reputation regularly.
  10. They need proper management to handle daily users activities.

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Do you know? Resume writing is now an official profession which any experienced or talented person may seek. However, in order to write a good resume at home there are some rules which need to be followed. Let us discuss these rules one by one and create an attractive resume:-

  1. Always keep it at one single page:- It is advised to cover all the aspects of a resume at a single page because the hiring manager is not interested in the length of your resume, they are interested in the content of what is written on the first page to get the idea of your competence.
  2. Say NO to grammatical errors:- Suppose you are a teacher and checking any of your student’s homework with lots of grammatical errors. Painful, right? Same is the feeling of a recruiter, thus, try and avoid such errors.
  3. Another common error is the error of tenses in a sentence. It can result in the rejection of your resume so be careful about what you write.
  4. Always send the pdf copy of your resume as it keeps your resume at a single page and it looks brief and easy to read.
  5. Keep the format of your resume simple as it is easy to read and looks attractive.

As we all know that the social and economic scenarios are changing day by day and thus new employment opportunities are coming up every day. We all sometimes avoid going for an interview because we do not have an updated resume or we do not have a resume at all. Resume works like a passport to get the job. You show the resume to the hiring manager and then he/she decides as to whether they should call you for an interview. That means, a resume is the base of everything and you can fix a good or bad impression using your resume. Check out the latest trends in resume writing:-

  1. Social Media is the best platform to check the latest resume trends. You can check the resume on social media platforms like LinkeedIn, etc and design a unique resume for yourself.
  2. Mentioning the personal details like matrimonial status, gender, father’s profession, name of the spouse, number of children and age etc. is a big No!
  3. Hiring managers are more concerned about the skill set you have, your education and work background and level of competence is what they look for in a resume. So, never forget to mention them!