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About MaxeCV - Resume Writing Services

We, Maxecv, is renowned for the excellent service that we provide for jobs and related issues. Our service is not confined to the companies in their job promotions, but also for the job seeking professionals. With reputation management and social media integration, we are believed to pull up our service level to a new landmark.

Our Service Details

Our business covers four areas broadly. We, with our excellent professionals, handle your demand and your job position by ideal means.Watch out the four aspects where we are eager to provide service. This will help you a lot.

Resume Optimization

Our professionals are very much in the service to procure and design your resume in a perfect corporate style. Our professionals remain readily in touch with the top industries and their HR teams. Hence their demand regarding resume management is completely followed and reflected in your resume.

Job Portal Management

Where Resume management and designing is for the professionals seeking ajob, thearrangement of job portal is for the companies. Companies always look for a service support where all the jobs of them will be cast and managed in a proper way. They also look for some of the system, where job resumes, collected by the system is arranged in a proper style.

Social Profile

This is a service that is meant for both the employers and the employees. There was a time when social media was used only for networking. Now, they are used for abusiness purpose quite well. The job seekers want to create their profile in a way, where their professionalism is exhibited in a perfect style. On the other end, there are the companies who also want to showcase their job requirement through social pages. We are ready to give you an earnest support in both the cases.

Reputation management

Your company reputation can reach a special height when reputation is linked with it. However, on your social pages, in different blogs and their comment section, you will find different odd things, that reduces the dignity of the company. Give us the opportunity to serve you at this level. It will help you a lot in your business.

Top Package Support

There are different packages from our end to the companies and individual job seekers. Based on your requirement you can upgrade your package anytime. We also have a professional set to support your business 24/7. The service can be regarding the choice of package and even about any special service coverage.

Our Position in Market

Our market reputation is also at the peak for the official service. This is not based on any promotion or another thing but completely made by the different companies and individuals. From the service they availed from us, our service has been preferred. It is afact that new companies get in touch with us all the time. However, there is a different story in its background. Our service efficiency and proficiency has reached such a level that none of our old clients are ready to leave us. In fact, our new business acquisition is based on the references; old clients gave us.