Crafting the Perfect CV: Your Key to 2024 Job Success! Top Tips Inside!

Perfect CV writing

Crafting the Perfect CV: Your Key to 2024 Job Success! Top Tips Inside!

Are you planning to look for a new job in 2024, either with the assistance of a tech recruitment agency or on your own? If yes, there are a few things you should do to make your job search more effective this year by crafting the perfect CV.

Firstly, you should update your CV. Before applying for any new jobs, ensure that your CV reflects your activities and achievements from the previous year. But how do you go about it? And what key information should be included on your CV?

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips to make your CV stand out in 2024.

Add 2023 Experiences

Make sure to add any new experiences you gained in the past year to your CV; these experiences can be valuable and should be highlighted. Also, include the programs and strategies you implemented during this time, as they could prove beneficial in your next role. Remote management and time management are particularly important skills that employers value, especially in a challenging job market. Ensure these skills are well emphasized on your CV.

Mind the Gaps

If you took some time off in 2023, be sure to mention it on your CV. If you experienced redundancy, it’s okay to talk about it—just be ready to discuss how you spent your time between jobs. If you’ve been upskilling or taking courses during your break, you can include this information on your CV or in your cover letter, depending on its relevance. Similarly, if you took time off for health reasons, you can discuss this during an interview. It’s better not to hide these gaps, as potential employers are likely aware of such situations and appreciate honesty.

Include Soft Skills

Aside from technical skills, employers really appreciate qualities like communication, teamwork, and adaptability. It’s important to share examples of how you’ve used these skills in your past jobs.  For example, you might talk about times when you communicated well with a team, worked together on projects, or showed flexibility in adapting to changes. By sharing these experiences, you show that you’re not just skilled in technical areas but also excel in working with others and handling different aspects of the job.

Write New CV Summary

A CV summary provides hiring managers with a quick snapshot of the skills and experience that set you apart. Make sure it reflects your latest and most relevant skills and experience, updating it with any new capabilities you’ve gained. Keep this section concise, ideally limiting it to 1 or 2 sentences by crafting the perfect CV.

Get Rid of Outdated Information

Before sending your CV to potential employers, take the time to eliminate old jobs that aren’t relevant to your target role. This creates space for more pertinent information aligned with your goals for 2024.

For instance, if you’re aiming for a senior position, consider omitting secondary school and college achievements, focusing instead on highlighting your degree-level qualifications and professional accomplishments. Tailoring your CV in this way ensures that recruiters see the most relevant and impactful aspects of your experience.

Testimonials and References

Including quotes from colleagues, mentors, or past supervisors can add credibility to your CV. However, make sure you have permission to use their quotes and be ready to provide references if asked.

Additionally, it’s crucial to keep your contact details up to date. If you’ve recently moved or changed your phone number, ensure that this information is reflected in your CV. Don’t forget to update the contact details for any referees you’ve listed as well. If they changed jobs in 2023, make sure these updates are reflected on your CV, ensuring that you have the correct contact details in case a recruiter or hiring manager needs to get in touch.


In 2024, creating an impactful CV involves a blend of strategy, customization, and modernity. Tailoring your CV to the specific job, emphasizing achievements, and showcasing your skills can leave a lasting impression on potential employers. Keep in mind, your CV serves as your introduction—make it count.

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