How to write a stand out resume templates 2023

How to write a stand out resume templates 2023

How to write a stand out resume templates 2023

If you want your resume template that stands out from the competition, it could be challenging to write. The purpose of the stand out resume templates is to highlight your professional accomplishments while also describing the traits an employer might look for in a candidate. It should be a true representation of your abilities, knowledge, and resources.

A resume is required whenever you go for a job interview or apply to a foreign university. Having a fantastic resume for yourself will provide you with numerous unspoken benefits. A excellent resume is a deal maker.  Thus, when the job market  are in turmoil in 2023, seize the greatest opportunity with the best CV. 

We began by reviewing resume that stands out to employers, who used them to land employment at prestigious organisations like Amazon, Spotify, PwC, Verizon, and others.

1. Individual Branding

Personal branding is easy to understand. It vividly winds around the sparkling string of your excitement, character, work/initiative style, and other outstanding identifiers as it tells the story of your abilities and successes.

2. Add critical keywords

Avoid stuffing in as many keywords as you can or using the same words repeatedly; you’ll come out as a bot. Keep it brief, concise, and to the point while adhering.

3. Add action verbs to your resume

Using action verbs is one of the quickest and easiest strategies to improve your resume. To express success, action, etc., each bullet should begin with an action verb.

Your professional resume should appear well-organized. It can be difficult to start a phrase without adding something specific, measurable, and relevant. Action verbs show that you have defined objectives and are committed to the task at hand. Maintain a responsible attitude.

4. Limit resume to one or two pages

A multi-page CV is one of the simplest ways to guarantee that hiring managers won’t carefully read your job application. For professionals seeking entry-level and mid-level roles, a one-page resume is ideal.

5. Choose best colours for resume

The colours you select for your CV may have a big impact on your job application. If you are applying to a job in a more modern field like graphic design, marketing, or fashion, you can safely choose from a more creative colour palette.

Maintain a simple layout and refrain from using too many colours on your resume since they may be distracting.

6. Follow a proper formatting

Whatever you write must be properly formatted. Using templates to get ideas simplifies the process of generating a resume.

Also, make sure you use the correct font. Although there is no single font for resumes, you should use the same one throughout. Experiment with different weights and sizes to draw the attention of a recruiter to key areas of your resume.

7. Make your contact information visible

It is no longer necessary to include your address on your resume. You should, however, include a phone number, a business email address, and any other online profiles that the recruiting manager can access, such as your LinkedIn page and Twitter handle. Because most businesses will contact you via email, it must be professional.

8. Include skills in bullet points

Bullet points are a fantastic alternative since they stand out even if a potential employer merely scans your resume.   Employers want to see software and programming knowledge on your resume if you work in a field that depends highly on technology.

If you work in the creative field, you should focus on improving your design and communication skills. When you use bullets on your resume, it appears nicer and is easier to read.

9. Draw attention to growth

Nobody believes you were born or attended any of the previous jobs or school programmed as an expert. In truth, most individuals expect new employees or students to be blank or partially filled slates, to varied degrees.

Employers want to see that you are not only capable of growth, but also modest enough to admit your progress from incompetent to competent throughout your professional, academic, and personal life.

9. Add a unique headline

Begin each paragraph with a catchy headline. A personalized headline is one of the most effective and sometimes overlooked techniques for attracting employers’ attention. The top third of your resume will receive the majority of their attention.

The headline, which shows immediately after your name on your resume, could include anything from your job title to a catchy phrase.


What should a resume look like 2023?

  • A New, Modern Look
  • A Bright Pop of Color.

What does a great resume in 2023 look like?

The three most common resume formats are reverse-chronological, functional, and combination. The first is the most popular and useful in 2023 because it shows vital information in the most logical order: from the most recent to the oldest job.

How do I get my resume noticed in 2023?

To do so, your resume must include three elements: personal branding, a wow factor, and quantifiable accomplishments.

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