How to Improve Executive Online Reputation

Executive Online Reputation

How to Improve Executive Online Reputation

Every executive is the face of their organization. An executive is responsible for not only his personal reputation but his company’s reputation as well. A strong online executive brand also supports the company’s online reputation. So, For every growing business it is crucial to build a strong online reputation.

Online reputation management is the best method of protecting the web reputation of a private, company or organization to create a public impression.

Nowadays, search engines like Google have established themselves between the media and the consumer to a large extent. One of the examples is Google News.on this site one can search stories, click on links, and be taken to the news site. If a news publisher isn’t in Google News their traffic tends to drop due to which ad revenue also drops. So, News publishers now rely on Google News.

The same story applies to Google also. People search something on google more than 1.2 trillion times per year. That’s how People find things now. When someone “Google” an executive or company the search results tell that person’s story. The stronger your online profile, the higher chance you have to rank well on Google.

In order to control the online reputation of an individual or company there are some specific websites that tend to rank higher than others for executives. There are many types of content that showcases an executive online reputation, including:

  • Build a social media presence
  • Create a website
  • Build online profiles
  • Write a book
  • Authors blogs
  • Create Wikipedia page (only if you are eligible)
  • Answer interviews
  • Make public relations and try to speak publicly

There are certain websites that can be used to improve executive reputation. These websites can be modified by executives. While using these websites executives have control over what is said about them online and These websites have performed well in search results.

Online reputation management is crucial for the success of many individuals. There are some activities which you can do to build a strong online presence and to improve your search results and reputation :

  • Writing Blogs
  • Creating original content on your company websites
  • Maintaining your professionally managed social media accounts
  • Hosting webinars and submitting press releases

Try to get your name on as many high-ranking profile or interview sites as possible as this is the most important step in achieving the search results you want and building your executive reputation.

12 essential websites your name should be on

We have developed a list of websites to help establish your executive reputation online.

  • Wikipedia (notability required)
  • Crunchbase
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Quora
  • verified
  • Medium
  • me
  • AllBusiness


Anyone can edit Wikipedia pages, but that doesn’t mean you should create your own Wikipedia page. This could cause damage to your reputation. Wikipedia uses artificial intelligence tools to spot COI (conflicts of interest).

Instead of writing your own page, if you are notable enough for Wikipedia, someone else will most likely create Wikipedia pages for you (though you may not like what they write).If you are already having a Wikipedia page but it needs to be edited, get in touch with our editorial team for Wikipedia editing.


Crunchbase is an online business website used by more than 55 million market professionals, including salespeople, entrepreneurs, investors, and researchers. It is one of the most comprehensive sources of business information and a trusted one also. Crunchbase can assist you establish your brand online and increase your visibility online, and connect with other professionals.

Social profiles

A strong online presence on social media will build a solid foundation to improve your search results and reputation. Social media accounts and profiles tend to rank better in search results, So managing your social profiles professionally is a great strategy for SEO.

The content of your social profiles can have a direct impact on the executive reputation so it must be creative and unique to control how potential clients see your company, and even the brand’s perception.

Try to Maintain branding consistency across the major social media networks which includes :

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

Quora, Inc. verified, Medium,, AllBusiness

These are some sites having huge potential audiences and well worth the time invested in writing articles for these sites. These sites present a huge opportunity for executives to showcase their expertise and also enables them to promote portfolio, blog, photos, or other content which you’d like to direct people to. This is another great way to increase your exposure online and become a thought-leader in your industry and build a community to strengthen your executive reputation.


Now you have some idea about how to get help of   to strengthen the positive image of your brand online that you have worked so hard to create. However, if you are still concerned about the accuracy of the information on your Wikipedia page or other social platforms, or if you need help for getting started, we at MaxeCV provides our own editorial team to make sure that only the most relevant and impressive content is published. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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