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January 2023

December 2022

Resume For a Promotion

How to Write a Resume for a Promotion 2023

It can be challenging to distinguish between excellent and terrible resume advice, especially when it comes to resume writing 2023 that works for you. I wanted to share what Ladders has discovered from evaluating millions of resumes and observing how those resumes performed in over 1 billion applications over the years. I've...

September 2021

Resume, CV And BioData

What Is The Difference Between Resume, CV And BioData?

RESUME RESUME is derived from the word résumé. résumé is the French word which means summary. A resume shows a review of one’s education background, competencies, and experience. A resume is mainly used while applying for a new position/job. A resume should not have more than 2 pages, accurately best if...

12 orm websites

12 essential ORM websites your name should be on

We have developed a list of websites to help establish your executive reputation online. Wikipedia (notability required) Crunchbase LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Quora verified Medium me AllBusiness Wikipedia Anyone can edit Wikipedia pages, but that doesn’t mean you should create your own Wikipedia page. This could cause damage to your reputation....

Hire certified resume writer in india

Is Hiring a Certified Resume Writer REALLY Worth It?

Experts may give different opinions about hiring a Certified Professional resume writer or writing a resume on your own. You must use a professional resume writer if you have no idea how to craft your resume to grab an employer’s attention in 20 seconds or less and in case you...